Beautiful Bespoke Hausboots and ModdPods in Bathgate near Linlithgow!

Why is Couston Lakes described as a self sustaining eco resort ?

An eco resort, in simple terms is a lodging facility that takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint while giving back to its local community. 
Couston Lakes is dedicated to making significant efforts to reduce its environmental impact, both behind-the-scenes and in our rental properties. 
Here are just some of the ways we have implemented a self sustaining community:-

  • Couston Lakes uses solar PV to generate their electricity supply. (Yes even in Scotland solar energy is sustainable) Solar Photovoltaic Energy is energy sourced from sunlight. It is a great source of renewable energy available throughout the world. This type of energy is generated through the photoelectric effect: a photovoltaic cell absorbs the photons (light particles) in the sun’s radiation and converts them into electricity.
  • Sustainable Urban Development Scheme:- Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are designed to manage storm water locally (as close to its source as possible), to mimic natural drainage and encourage its infiltration, attenuation and passive treatment. In simple terms, rain water sits in the lake and doesn't flow straight into the water course thus reducing flooding to the surrounding area. 
  • Our rental properties are heavily insulated products which require very little heating in order to stay warm, all year round. This saves on electricity.
  • Natural rain water harvesting  - We utilise as much natural rain water as possible so this can be recycled and used throughout the park.  
  • We source much of our products locally in order to give back to the community
  • We recycle :- E-waste, Light bulbs, Batteries, Printer cartridges, Cardboard, Pizza boxes Aluminum cans & bottles, Newspaper, Magazines

Watch Couston Lakes Develop!

The First phase our of resort is now open and taking bookings. 

Hausboots and ModdPods are already in situ!

Construction and development of the next phase is underway:-  

  • Overnight Hook Up facility for Caravan and MotorHome owners
  • Luxury lodges overlooking our stunning lake
  • Restaurant and Catering Facilities
  • Indoor/Outdoor Recreation Centre
  • Indoor/Outdoor Activity Centre
  • Spa and Gym

Visit to see more of our idyllic and peaceful getaways. Our friendly site is located on the shores of Loch Lomond and is home to a selection of beautifully designed lodges and apartments. See all of our lodges on our website. We welcome dogs in selected lodges. Most of our properties include an outdoor jacuzzi hot tub to relax and enjoy. So what are you waiting for ? Special Offers available all year.